When I was starting Surf Montreal with my friend Dan in 2006 we decided that we were going to extend our love of traveling and surfing to everyone who wanted to join us!  We hated seeing ads for 7 day surf camps in Costa Rica at $1800 plus flight!

We had spent many long weekends in Maine, Long Island, New Hampshire, always inviting anyone who would join us.  It was only a matter of time before we decided to share our love for surfing and surf travel, and Surf Montreal was born!


We love surfing in Maine.  It’s not too far from Montreal, has nice beaches, nice waves, and great people.  For many years we have been heading down to Maine in September and inviting everyone along.

Enjoy the slideshow below for highlights from 2009’s Maine Surf Camp!


California is a real treat for any surfer.  With the possibility of finding low cost airfares from Montreal or Burlington VT, California is closer then you might think!

I love my trips to California.  Being an intermediate level surfer, I’m not ready to experience the thundering reef breaks in Hawaii, but in California there is a break for surfers of any level (depending on the waves and ocean behavior).

See my California page for some tips and info about California.


I could write another page about my experience in Barbados (and I will).  Imagine surfing in hot turquoise water, with a long white sandy beach, cold Banks beer, fresh fish, friendly people, and tropical weather year round.  It’s hard to beat.

Enjoy this clip of South Point!