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REAL SURF | Surf Trip 2K9 | Surf Trip 2008

Maine 2012!

Yet again Surf Montreal headed down to Wells and Ogunquit for a weekend filled with sun, surf, good times and good friends.

As always the weekend we headed down came through for us.  It was sunny, 22 degrees and the waves were fun!  I usually judge the trip by how many people are in the water and how many are taking a break and taking pictures… Let’s just say there are not that many photos from the weekend!

Friday we headed down and were greeted by fun sized waves that everyone enjoyed and surfed until the sunset.  That night true to the ritual we went back to camp started the bon fire and partied the night away.

Saturday was a bit small but the sun was out, it was hot and the waves that were there were enough to get a little crazy on the boards and EVERYONE was able to stand up and surf!  There were people surfing almost non stop the whole day!

Sunday was possibly some of the best waves I have ever seen in Maine.  It was a day of great waves in the 3-6 foot range.   I bet you can count on one hand the times that the waves and weather are that good in Maine.  It was truly a perfect day.

As always a huge thanks goes out to Vic and Bob from Wheels N Waves, Todd and his crew at Ocean View Campground, and Doug and his crew at The Steakhouse for the great hospitality!

Enjoy some of the photos!


REAL SURF -A Core Surf Shop in Oceanside California.

Real Surf Web

Over the years surf shops have evolved from shops selling surf boards and gear that the owners truly believe in to soul-less shops selling soul-less boards.  Would you believe me if I told you that I wouldn’t even be surprised if some Surf Shop owners don’t surf?  Surfing has turned into big business and the Hard Core shops are harder and harder to find.

It’s no secret that I am all for the ‘Hard Core’ guys, I dislike many of the pop out brands and certainly would pick a handmade local board over a board who’s maker has never surfed before.

While on the search for the perfect Surfari location last year I was looking to rent a board, and found Real Surf.

I walked into Real Surf and was met by Shawn.  The shop was refreshing.  Not one pop out in sight! Did I find a ‘Core’ shop?  The shaping room to the right of the entrance made me feel welcome.  When I asked about rentals the guy behind the counter said “go pick one of the used boards, I rent those over there” pointing to a rack of about 20 used boards.

We got to talking and it turns out the guy behind the counter is the owner, Shawn Ambrose, who was born in Newfoundland and is the proud shaper of Ambrose Surfboards.

Here is an Interview I did with Shawn recently about Real Surf, Shawn’s Quadzilla, Shaping boards and Surfing.


How long has Real surf been around, when did you open/ buy the shop?

My wife and I opened the shop in May of 2004

How did you make the transition from Newfoundland to San Deigo?

Well I was born in a nunnery in Argentia Newfoundland! It gets pretty complicated from there, Probably not enough room to cover that here, Or like many Newfie’s story perhaps that deserves to be told at a later date.  Eventually I ended up in San Diego after some bouncing around and never left! I do however have relatives left on the Rock and my Sisters and Bio Mom live in and around Peterborough and I try and make it to our family cottage near Cloyne Ont. twice a year for some fishing and r&r

Where is your favorite spot to surf in Southern Cali?

Right out front of the shop in the fall! Several local nooks and cranny’s that shall go un-named!
Favorite spot to surf in the world?

Would have to say anywhere in the Playground area in the Mentawai’s. Although, I have really been wanting to checkout the rugged coastline of the Island of Newfoundland where I’m from.

Favorite board to ride?

Lately my 6-6 S.F.E.

What is this Quadzilla all about?

The Quadzilla is the result of many years of R&D, many consider it the most progressive high performance noserider out there. It turns from the tail unbelievably well and is capable of super long noserides.  Take a look at this clip of the Quadzilla in action.

Epoxy/ EPS or Poly?

Both have their merits. I think flicky or trick oriented surfers tend to really like eps as do hi performance longboard guys. Rail to rail and retro guys usually prefer the weight and inertia of poly. Those are just guidelines though.

Philosophy of Real Surf?

We are a core shop, run by a longtime board builder, and staffed by local surfers who know our product and are knowledgeable about board building and repairs that we do in house.

Advice for budding shapers?

Go to college! Hahaha. No seriously, get into it because you love it and enjoy it. If you can make something more out of it, good for you. It’s not getting any easier, but there is always room for a passionate young shaper with good business sense and some talent.

When in Oceanside California, just north of San Diego check out Real Surf and say hi to Shawn at: 1101 South Coast Highway, Oceanside (760)-754-0670 and at www.realsurfshop.com

Surf Trip 2k9

Wells Beach 2 double “O” 8 with Surf Montreal!

1Well folks here it is! We invaded Maine, camped, surfed, surfed some more and partied a little while we weren’t surfing.  As usual we packed up the cars and headed down to Maine for our annual weekend after Labor Day trip to Wells beach, Maine.

Friday September 5, 2008:
8:00 am.

We pack up the cars and head down to Maine.  Get through the border just fine and kick it down the 89.

1:00 pm.

2Stop at liquor store and stock up.


We set up the camp and go get our gear… how did that fit in there?


We hit the beach.  Always a stressful time driving into Moody.  The surf cast was promising… but will there be waves?


We surf for a few hours and take a short break.

Then we go back and surf until the



Campfire blazing, hotdogs roasting, beers cracking, music playing, people laughing.


Sometime around 24 beers, 2 bottles of jager, 3 bottles of wine, 1 bottle of Goldshlager, 40 hotdogs, 2 bags of chips and a large salad later, we go to bed.

Saturday September 6, 2008

Inside Chris’ tent
“Pssst Dan… yo… dude, it’s 6 already… let’s make breakfast, and go surf!”

7am, we arrive at Ogunquit beach, the waves are genius.

9A little briefing about the spot.

AKA: This is Ogunquit.  My favorite spot in the North East to surf. Sandy bottom, long rides, usually low rip tides, and never too crowded.  Enjoy!

Then ALOT of surfing followed.


We surf a solid 4 hours before taking a break as the tide comes up.  Enjoy some lunch, walk around Ogunquit, sleep on the beach, go for a swim, and enjoy the nice weather.


3:00 pm

Surfing again!  The waves are better then before.  Starting to get huge and slowly peeling along the beach.


Dinner at the steakhouse!  Yummy.


Arrive at the campground to find that hurricane Hannah is making its way through Wells.  Torrential rainstorm.  Not fun to camp in these conditions.

Sunday September 7, 2008


We sleep in.  Last night sucked.  Rain. Water everywhere, the creek behind our tent turned into a massive river.  The tent is almost taken downstream, we had about 2 feet until we had to move the tent.

7:15 am.

Look outside.  The rain has stopped.  The sun is out?  Its getting hot?  Sweet!


Ogunquit is blown out and the waves are closing out too fast.  We head down to the much more sheltered fishermans cove beach.  The waves are slow, big and fun.  We surf for a little while, take a few pictures and bid farewell to the beach for the weekend.



We arrive back in Montreal!  This was the best surf trip to date.  Can’t wait for next year!

And now our blooper reel!



Special thanks to everyone who came out with us, Wheels N Waves, Ocean View Campground and hurricane Hannah!