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Surfing since 2003.
Surfed all of Florida, Long Island, Maine, New Hampshire, North Carolina, LA, Laguna beach, San Diego, Biarritz (France), San Sebastian (Spain), Barbados, Montreal, Chambly, Ottawa, Laval.

Local Break: Habitat 67

Favorite Break: Biarritz was pretty amazing. Best ride of my life by far, head high Laguna beach at Brooks st.

Wants to surf: Munich! I would have loved to surf the Eisbach. Can’t wait to go back to California. Also Ireland is calling me.

Next Road Trip: Probably back to Cali.  Love Cali.

Current Setup:

-Frenchy’s Custom.  6’2″, Retro Rocket, twin fin, half moon tail.  Rails are sharp for river conditions and glass is doubled up in impact areas.  This is one hard core riverboard.

-Home made 5’10” shortboard.  Eco friendly Bamboo Fabric, it’s sweet.

-Santa Cruz Pumpkin Seed, 6’8”. It’s sweet.
-10′ SUP.  Homemade, it’s awesome.

-6’4″ fish.  Cocoa beach surf co.  Nice Fish shape.

Born and raised in Montreal. (I’m a West Island kid from Pointe Claire) I’ve always loved water sports and swimming so surfing was a natural thing to try for me.
I tried out surfing in 2004 near Lagos, Portugal while I was on my Europe trip that summer. When I got home, my buddy showed me river surfing and I’ve been trying to get to Habitat whenever I can ever since.
Favorite Break: Probably Lagos but I attribute that largely to the fact that it was the first time I experienced the rush of some decent sized waves and that day ended up being one of the best days ever in my 24 years.
Next Road Trip: Wherever Chris will drive me! Haha, I don’t have a car and have no plans to get one for now so I go wherever I can to catch some waves.
Other Activities: I’m passionate about photography so I snap pictures wherever I go. Surf photography would be a great experience but those underwater vacation cameras just don’t cut it.