Welcome to Surf Montreal

Surf Montreal is Montreal’s online surf club offering resources related to river surfing, ocean surfing, surf travel, SUP, and Montreal travel info.  From time to time we will also add anything else that pops up that is surf related that we find interesting.  Enjoy our site!


So you want to be a river surfer?

Where to begin?

How to get started?

This page will give you some of the info you need to get started, where to surf, what you need to know before trying river surfing, and the difference between ocean and river surfing.


Surfing the soceantileame break or river wave everyday?

Curious about what the Canadian Atlantic or Pacific offer?

Want to see what surfing in the ocean is about?

Have you been surfing the river for a few seasons and want to know what the difference between river and ocean surfing is?

This page will highlight the differences between ocean and river surfing.


Surf trips are one of my favorite things in life.  Living 5 hours from the ocean means that if I want to surf in the ocean, I have to travel.

When choosing a surf spot for a quick weekend trip, a week long surf camp or a 2 week surfari, this page will lead you to the places I have scored the most waves, had the most fun and can’t wait to go back to.

I’ll recommend a few options for different surf breaks in the area’s, surf shops I like, and a few options for accommodations and good food.



California!  I love California.

This page reflects the love and respect I have for this wonderful state, and the beaches, surfing, and surfers that go with it.

Some people who still surf in California everyday are people who shaped surfing and influenced surfers world wide.   Want to share some waves with influential shapers or surfers? California is the spot to do it.

A little respect goes a long way, and a friendly smile will get you one back.


The Film Fest page will be dedicated to the love of surfing as shown through the eyes of YouTube.

You will find a bit of everything, amateur, professional, travel, spot checks from well known spots like Trestles, and Mundaka, all the way to more out of the way spots like Alaska, Newfoundland and the Great Lakes.

Content will be rotating so check back often!